People. Can’t stand them most of the time, can’t figure out how to escape all 7 billion of them on the planet, ammiright?

It’s not that I’m a total misanthrope, it’s just that 99% of the time life seems simpler if people can be avoided. That said, I do also have some people that I love…and you know, I love not being lonely.


It’s a mystery, truly. One that these 14 moments capture to perfection.

14. And no less addictive.

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13. Cats are people. Sort of.

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12. I mean, not a BAD one. Just a little one?

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11. The wine is important.


10. But then a human does something like this and your tiny little heart starts to swell…

Seriously, check out the link. This is awesome and adorable video that is way better with sound.

9. It’s a paradox, to be sure.

8. People who cluelessly walk slowly are the absolute worst.

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7. I don’t trust people who DON’T prefer animals, tbh.

6. The heart wants what the heart wants.

5. We have to admit that sometimes, it’s us and not them. Unless they’re chewing ice. Then it’s always them.

4. The ideal: Being with people without being WITH people.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @Just__J0

3. Regardless, your friends know you have their backs.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @SoRelatable

2. Hating people can be a bonding experience, if you have the right friends.


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1. But there will always be those people you love no matter what. <3



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