I wish I had the space to collect EVERYTHING I want to, but that’s just not realistic…if I did acquire all the stuff I wanted, I’d need an enormous house…and probably about three or four storage spaces.

But it’s something to shoot for, I guess!

In the meantime, I’ll keep collecting just a little bit here and there…books, records, movie posters, etc.

Hey, it’s fun to collect things that are important to us. And we’re pretty impressed with these unique collections that people were nice enough to share.

Let’s take a look!

1. No games were harmed.

This is totally awesome!

This is my Gameboy mosaic made out of Gameboy games! Note: No games were harmed and all are removable and playable!
byu/Mezmoron ingaming

2. From out on the links.

They’re all ugly in their own way.

My (87yo) father’s “ugly” golf ball collection
byu/AmishAirline inmildlyinteresting

3. That’s really cool!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like this before.

I collect rocks that look like eggs
byu/Slamchops inmildlyinteresting

4. He’s very organized.

And very busy, by the looks of it.

My granddad’s tool collection in his shed
byu/Mirither inoddlysatisfying

5. I remember these well.

Just don’t eat them, okay?

I collect food shaped erasers!
byu/SecretAgentKatManx inpics

6. Spoons for days.

Hey, everyone has their thing.

My aunt has a spoon collection that has a tiny spoon collection right above it.
by inmildlyinteresting

7. Let’s see what he’s been digging up.

All kinds of cool stuff.

My dads little metal detecting museum
byu/Wessel-P inmildlyinteresting

8. I bet you’re a stylish dude!

That’s always a good look.

My entire bow tie collection, minus the one I’m wearing now!
byu/jeremiah213 inCoolCollections

9. A very unique idea.

And I like the way she keeps it organized.

My mom collects sand from beaches all over the world…
byu/Chamaleon inpics

10. Vintage cameras are da bomb.

And it looks like you have a great collection going.

A small part of my vintage camera collection.
byu/MrRabinowitz inCoolCollections

11. A gamer for life.

And you have a great wife! (Hey, that rhymed…).

My game collection is finally out of storage! Wife surprised me by building shelves as an anniversary gift today
byu/uncleseeth ingaming

12. I love this one!

I’ve been everywhere, man.

My grandfather used all of his hotel/motel keys he received from his job as a traveling salesman and made them into a map of the US
byu/llamantha inmildlyinteresting

13. Be careful out there on the road.

And remember to check your tires!

A collection of things my local shop has pulled out of flat tires
byu/meepmorpart inmildlyinteresting

How cool!

Now we want to hear from you.

Do you have any unique collections?

If so, tell us about them in the comments and share some pics. Thanks!