I’ve gotten away from collecting all kinds of stuff, but I do still like to acquire a few things here and there: mostly records and old movie posters.

But I used to collect TONS OF STUFF when I was a young lad: baseball cards, hockey cards, matchbooks, and a plethora of other cool things.

I guess when you get older and move around, you start to lose stuff along the way. But I think these photos might have renewed my spark in collecting things, because they are pretty awesome.

Let’s take a look!

1. Pieces of history.

Wow! Those are really cool.

Some of my favorite arrowheads. Amazing little pieces of history collected on our private property in southern Arizona. from interestingasfuck

2. Sea glass is quite beautiful.

Look at all those colors.

2 years of collecting sea glass. from mildlyinteresting

3. You’re on your way to big things!

Keep up the great work!

I’m 14 and here is a picture of me and my chess medals from MadeMeSmile

4. I bet you have all the luck in the world.

Send some of that my way!

My four-leaf-clover collection (plus a couple five-leafers in the middle). from mildlyinteresting

5. She’s a real gamer.

And Monopoly is the name of the game.

My girlfriend cleaning her monopoly collection from pics

6. Artifacts from the deep.

There’s a lot of sharks out there in those waters!

My Shark Tooth Collection from mildlyinteresting

7. Sand and dirt collection.

This is a good idea. I like how it’s all displayed, too.

My sand and dirt collection from every place I visit from mildlyinteresting

8. I’m here for this collection!

Rubber duckies for days!

The Airbnb that I’m staying in has a collection of rubber ducks in the bathroom wall from mildlyinteresting

9. You gotta keep your records alphabetized!

Or else you’re gonna be completely lost.

I helped my dad alphabetize his vinyl collection… from oddlysatisfying

10. I didn’t even know they made these.

I’m gonna have to buy some new PEZ dispensers.

My history teacher’s presidential PEZ collection from mildlyinteresting

11. Darn kids! Always up to no good.

Also, some of these look pretty dangerous.

This collection of objects swallowed by children from mildlyinteresting

12. All the way up.

Wow, this is pretty impressive.

Weapons collection from Leeds Armoury, UK from mildlyinteresting

What do you like to collect?

Talk to us in the comments and tell us what’s up!

And share some photos with us, too. Thanks!