Social media sure does bring out some strange folks, huh?

You think you know what someone is really like and then, BAM! You happen to see their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page and then you see a whole new side of them.

Because it’s on these social media sites that people like to get very, very specific. And we’re about to see a whole bunch of examples of exactly what I’m talking about, friends.

Are you ready to get oddly specific with some complete strangers? Of course, you are! Let’s take a look.

1. I’m with you, kid.

Just take me away!

This kid is going places, with owls. from oddlyspecific

2. This is a very specific paradox.

Rick Astley for the win!

Favorite paradox from oddlyspecific

3. Here’s the rundown on life.

Do you agree with this?

Also suspiciously relatable from oddlyspecific

4. I did this last night!

We really have a lot in common!

We’ve all Been There from oddlyspecific

5. I had the same thought when I saw this.

You did too, right?

I mean, yea… from oddlyspecific

6. A lot of weirdos out there…

This person is really out there.

Yeah sure, it’s the house… from oddlyspecific

7. Those darn Hondas!

Let’s sound off about them!

Because… from oddlyspecific

8. That’s exactly how it went down.

Don’t believe me? Go watch the movie again!

Yeah Titanic was great from oddlyspecific

9. Gary strikes again.

This guy really needs to be put in his place.

How dare he?! from oddlyspecific

10. Santa is out on the prowl.

I think he’s gonna score big time.

that is quite in depth from oddlyspecific

11. This just spun out of control.

Guys…be careful out there…

That escalated quickly! from oddlyspecific

Well, those certainly were…specific. Very specific…

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Thanks a lot, fam!