What’s the most embarrassed you’ve ever been in your whole life?

Go ahead and think about it, I’ll wait…

Whatever answer you came up with in your head, I have a feeling that it’s probably not as bad as the humiliation that these folks felt after these epically awkward encounters.

Hey, sometimes in life, you just get humiliated and there’s nothing you can really do about it…

Let’s get to the stories that might make you cringe.

1. I don’t think you’ll recover from this, either.

What were you thinking???

2. That was a mistake.

And I’m sorry you had to see that.

3. Maybe DON’T hug it out.

It’s just best to mind your own business.

4. Oh, boy…that’s pretty humiliating.

Also, how did you make this epic mistake?

5. Hold me for a second.

And never let me go…

6. Well, you can’t go back into that building.

It’s all over now…

7. That happens to be a cutting board.

Just so you know…

8. That’s a hard NO.

And that’s also a broken heart. I hope you’re happy…

9. Go ahead and talk into the mic.

Oh wait, never mind…don’t do that.

10. Are there any Plan Bs left in this town.

On the verge of a breakdown.

11. Ships passing in the night.

Better luck next time!

12. Doh! Sorry for your loss.

Well, how were you supposed to know…?

Okay, you know what we’re gonna say next…

In the comments, please tell us about some of your most awkward and humiliating stories!

We promise we won’t laugh too hard! Thanks a lot!