On the pages of Reddit, someone recently posed an interesting question: “If you could eliminate any word from the dictionary, meaning no one can ever use it again, what word would you choose?” Take a look below at the top 12 responses to that hypothetical. Can you think of a few words you would like to remove?

1. Nice

No more ‘nice guys’, no more ‘have a nice days’, no more ‘nice weather we’re having’

2. Whoda thunk

“Thunk” I just hate the word.

3. Large thing with words?

Dictionary. “A word was removed from… uh… something… today.”

4. No more gifts

Gifted. Example 1: Instead of ‘gifted’ student we can use either ‘intelligent’ or ‘talented’ student. Example 2: Instead of “He gifted me his old phone when he got an upgrade” we can say “He gave me his old phone…” as it bloody well should be.

5. Inflammable

It’s redundant. We really don’t need two words to describe how something can catch fire. Especially one with a misleading prefix which, in just about every other word, means the opposite of what that word means.

Invulnerable doesn’t mean vulnerable

Incontinent doesn’t mean you’re good at shitting

Indecisive doesn’t mean you’re quick to make a decision

Yet somehow inflammable means flammable. It’s really, truly stupid and misleading regardless of the joke we’re all thinking about.

6. Poop

Turd. It’s such a disgusting word. I could have gone my whole life without hearing that word and everything would be just fine.

7. Synonyms

Yes. People would have to bring out the thesaurus in order to agree with people.

8. Yeah man

I don’t think I have a word I’d like to eliminate.

But, I will defend Bruh(and all of it’s variants and precursors) with my life.

9. Third person

“I” How funny it would be to hear everyone referring to themselves in third person.

10. Isn’t it Ironic

Ironic. Absolutely no-one knows how to use it anymore.

11. Yeah

The verb form of “friend.” We already have a word for that: “befriend,” you lazy bastards.

12. Ha!

Amazeballs. Is that in the dictionary yet? Let’s kill it before it gets there.

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