I have a feeling that if you clicked on the link to enjoy this article, you probably have children…

Am I right, or am I right?

I knew I was right!

Well, not only are you gonna get some real talk from moms and dads out there, you’re gonna LAUGH REALLY HARD.

And you might even cry because raising kids is hard work, ya know.

Go ahead and get started and feel all of the emotions!

1. Can someone invent this already?

What’s the hold up?!?!

2. It’s gonna be a long day, isn’t it?

You just go power through it…

3. The thrill is gone, isn’t it?

It’s all over…

4. I actually think he’s right about this one.

It really is a beautiful name. It’ll grow on you!

5. That took a while, didn’t it?

But somehow you pulled it off!

6. She’ll grow out of this phase.

Well, hopefully she will…

7. I don’t remember you being there…

Well, no parent wants to hear that…

8. Brandon is out. Steve is out.

Kathy is out. Rebecca is out. The list goes on and on…

9. He didn’t know what he started.

And by the way, you did the right thing.

10. Friday doesn’t mean s**t anymore.

Those days are long gone.

11. It was all totally worth it.

Sounds like you’re having fun!

12. We need more of these kinds of questions between adults.

Don’t you think so?

Be honest with us…

How are your kiddos behaving lately?

We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Fill us in in the comments!