Over the years, I’ve definitely dealt with my fair share of terrible bosses…and I’m glad those days are in my rearview mirror because it made going to work every day a real bummer.

And if you’re currently dealing with a bad boss, my heart goes out to you.

But just keep your head up and remember that you’ll land in a better spot at some point!

In the meantime, take a look at 12 bosses that you should be glad you don’t have to work for.

1. If you need to grieve, go to the break room.

Well, this is pretty ridiculous, don’t you think?

2. And your bonus is a pair of socks.

You hit the jackpot!

3. I love when people just throw that out there.

Maybe you’re the entitled one…?

4. You won’t fit in here.

You probably don’t want to work there anyway…

5. This is a bit over the top, don’t you think?

I don’t think it was causing a whole lot of problems…

6. The terminations continue…

You’ll be in line for a raise…in a year or so…

7. Sorry, I’m off today.

Just go ahead and turn your phone off.

8. You really want me to fly?

Doesn’t sound like a very good idea…

9. Boss sounds like a real d**k.

I’m callin’ it like I see it…

10. Stop being a victim.

I hope you quit immediately.

11. That ain’t happening!

Who texts someone at 5 in the morning?

12. Did you happen to bring your laptop?

Oh no, you didn’t!

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about the worst boss you’ve ever worked for.

We look forward to it!