I try to keep my food delivery to a minimum because it’s expensive and I can just make something at home, BUT every once in a while I treat myself and order a pizza or some tacos to be delivered right to my front door.

And it can sometimes lead to some funny interactions, believe it or not.

Weird drivers, weird orders, weird customers, weird EVERYTHING.

Check out these 12 funny posts about getting grub delivered and let us know if anything like this has happened to you.

1. This is a little intense.

I hope you knocked and didn’t leave it on the deck.

2. Pay attention to the notes!

You don’t want to get sick, do you?

3. This is hilarious.

Whoops, sorry about that…

4. Probably shouldn’t be having a kid right now…

Do everyone a favor.

5. I swear that was autocorrect!

I didn’t mean it!

6. You are my only hope!

I hope you saved the day…

7. Sure, why not?

Anything to help out a customer.

8. Thank you for listening.

What do you expect with fast food delivery?

9. DoorDash is not a dating app.

As far as I know…

10. You’ve now entered the Twilight Zone.

Things are getting weird! I’m freakin’ out!

11. Check out my new single.

That didn’t go very well.

12. Well, this is pretty nice.

There is still some good left in the world!

Have you had any funny interactions with delivery drivers?

Share some good stories with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you, dear readers!