We’re in love

No, not with another human being or even with a dog or a cat, but with the funny tweets you’re about to see.

Are we weird?


Do we think you’re gonna feel the same way we do after you look at these tweets?


So, without further ado, feast your eyes on some hilarious tweets!

1. Well, at least you’re being honest.

She’s gotta get some credit for that, right?

2. Freddy has no idea what he stepped into this time.

Now the kids are gonna be chasing him.

3. This could be the new catchphrase of the company.

Hire this kid immediately!

4. Well, you really did it this time!

I guess you’ll have to dig through the backyard on your hands and knees now.


5. You just kicked the witch out of her own haunted house.

Not many people can pull that off.

6. I don’t think you answered the right way…

Let’s try that again.

7. No need for that anymore!

You’ve had that teddy bear since you were five!

8. Time to show that fruit who’s boss.

You are a sadistic and unforgiving person…

9. Wow, you seem really smart.

Teach me your ways!

10. Beginning to think this isn’t worth it.

Another $150 down the drain…

11. I’d love to see it!

You know it’ll turn her on.

12. This is pretty funny.

Got you on that one!

Have you come across any tweets lately that really made you LOL?

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Go ahead and make our day!