Who DOESN’T love babies who look like old people, right?

Darn right, friends!

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re funny…and they might be senior citizens in disguise. At least that’s my theory.

Take a look at these little munchkins and YOU BE THE JUDGE about their true ages…you might be surprised…

1. This kid is not pleased at all.

And you better stay on her good side.

Time to change what?
byu/Triggercut72 inoldbabies

2. Come to think of it, he does look like Bobby Bacala…

Keep your eyes open did, we all know what happened to Bobby.

My brother in law used to look like a travel-sized Soprano
byu/UploadMeDaddy inoldbabies

3. This is what I call mean mugging.

What did you do to make him angry this time?

Instant old man when he’s angry
byu/dildoboat24 inoldbabies

4. Time to hit the blue plate special at the buffet.

These two know where all the best deals are.

My twins looking like an old married couple
byu/JennifferDaluz inoldbabies

5. He looks like a longshoreman.

Now I want to see an adult pic!

Found a pic of Grandpa @ 11months looking like he just got home from a hard day at work!
byu/Dont_burnurpimpsteak inoldbabies

6. He’s seen a lot in his…weeks…

Things that he can’t quite talk about yet…

[deleted by user]
by inoldbabies

7. You’re my mother? Oh, great…

Man, this is rough…

Throwback to when my baby was one month old. He was very judgy.
byu/Dachy03 inoldbabies

8. He already has a receding hairline.

It’s only downhill from here…

He’s figuring out which cup Wesley poisoned
byu/TristanLennon inoldbabies

9. Hey, I’ve seen you somewhere!

I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Ok but like actually
by inoldbabies

10. We got a lot done today, team!

Now it’s on to Applebee’s for our staff lunch.

After a successful board meeting.
byu/MacItOut inoldbabies

11. Wise well beyond his years.

He was born a Grandpa.

Grandpa baby; grandpa pyjamas
byu/J-JAG5187 inoldbabies

12. I think this description is right on the money.

Go ahead and study this one closely.

My brothers baby pic looks like Kevin from the office
byu/aluminumbottle69 inoldbabies

You gotta love it!

Now we wanna hear from you.

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Thanks a lot, fam!