Be honest with me…your bathroom is a little dull these days, isn’t it?

But that’s gonna change today, people!

Because we truly believe that after looking at these photos, you’re going to be inspired to buy a new shower curtain to spice up your life!

It’ll be good for you, your significant other (if you have one), and even your dogs and cats. Trust us, you need to do this.

So go ahead and browse through these pics so you can get some ideas.

You’ll be singing in the shower again in no time!

1. No regrets here.

We think you did the right thing.

Im a 28 year old man, and I regret nothing.
byu/Tron3462 inpics

2. All together now!

Looks like a happy household.

My friend’s roommates’ new shower curtain
byu/Pump-Fake inpics

3. Well, that’s interesting.

You do you!

Since we’re doing shower curtains
byu/nigelito infunny

4. I’m a fan of this one!

Cram as many books in there as you can!

I’m a nerd and I picked out my own shower curtain
byu/socksarecool95 infunny

5. The “King Kong” of sloths.

I hope he’s gonna be okay…

I’m a 30 year old female with plenty of regrets, but this isn’t one.
byu/drpiotrowski inpics

6. Wait, you’re single?

Let’s take a step back…

I’m single and I picked out my own shower curtain.
byu/Danimal1 infunny

7. Llamadeus Mozart.

I see what you did there.

This shower curtain
byu/stars_mcdazzler infunny

8. I can’t believe she didn’t like the old one.

Not creepy at all.

Girlfriend didn’t like my shower curtain so she got me a new one. She’s a keeper.
byu/Dr_Siouxs infunny

9. This is just perfect.

Blends right in!

My husband and I discovered you can get photo shower curtains
byu/Elatedonion infunny

10. They love it!

Pretty happy about this one.

I approve of these shower curtains human!
byu/hootersbutwithcats inaww

11. The kid made a good choice.

It’s perfect!

My wife let our 8-year-old choose his own shower curtain today
byu/SkipTracePro inpics

12. Got the bathmat, too!

It all matches!

Do you have a cool or funny shower curtain?

Or some other funny decorations or designs around the house?

If so, we want to see all of it!

Show us some pics in the comments!