Tell me if you’ve experienced this before.

It’s 4:55 pm, you’ve mentally checked out and you’re ready to sprint to the parking lot at work and head home for the evening…

And then you hear that “DING” and a feeling of dread washes over your body.

Yes, I’m talking about getting a last-minute email before your workday ends.

Ugh! It’s the worst!

And we have a feeling you’ll think these posts about work emails are funny and infuriating.

Go ahead and dig in!

1. No control.

You’ve been there…

2. That’s very specific.

Can’t say I’ve seen that before!


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3. That is good.

I think I’m gonna use this.


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4. Well, it didn’t.

Any other assumptions you want to make?

5. In need of some help.

I hope they made it out.

6. You don’t look happy about it.

And I don’t blame you!

7. Sorry about that!

You can’t help but apologize, can you?

8. That’s a nice way to end it.

I’m sure people appreciate that.

9. You’re not really excited, are you?

Sure doesn’t look like it.

10. It always piles up even if you just miss one day, doesn’t it?

Isn’t that the worst?!?!

How’s work treating you lately?

Good? Bad? Ugly?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

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