When I was growing up, my dad had awesome hookups for tickets for sporting events.

We went to hockey games, baseball games, and even a few football games.

It was great!

And I think we can agree that we all had SOME kind of perk because of what our mom and/or dad did for a living.

Let’s see what these folks had to say about this!

1. Sounds like a good deal.

Cokes for days!

2. Pretty cool!

Heaven for a kid.

3. Bring on the candy!

A dream come true.

4. A good perk.

You thanked him later.

5. Meeting celebs.

Ice-T for the win!

6. Best of both worlds.

Which one is better?

7. Those fees are waived.

Racking up the late fees.

8. Very cool!

Major bragging rights.

9. Perfect desserts.

Right off the assembly line.

10. Life in the firehouse.

I bet that was quite an adventure.

11. Way back in the ’70s.

You could get away with a lot more back then.

Did you enjoy any perks when you were growing up because of your mom or dad’s job?

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