Every job has its perks and every child gets at least some kind of advantage because of what their mom or dad might do for a living.

For example, my dad worked at the Ford plant when I was growing up and I knew that if there was anything really wrong with my car, I’d be able to get a discount for repairs.

Not bad!

And in this Twitter thread, people shared the perks they got because of what their folks did for a living. Check it out.

1. This all sounds good.

You hit the jackpot!

2. Minerals for days.

Not to mention that human body model…

3. All over the world.

Sounds like a good childhood.

4. This is really cool!

My grandpa did the same thing!

5. All the brownies you want.

Who’s hungry?!?!

6. Traveling by train.

Sounds like a blast.

7. History in the making.

You’re lucky!

8. Arts and crafts time.

Let’s get creative.

9. Do you know my dad?

Well, get him on the phone.

10. Ice cream for days.

That’s a good perk.

11. Farm to your mouth.

That’s awesome!

12. This might be the best.

Go wherever you want, my friend.

Now it’s your turn to sound off!

In the comments, tell us about the perks you had growing up because of your parents’ jobs.

Thanks a lot!