It’s that time again!

It’s time to 1). Look at these hilarious tweets. 2). Laugh your a** off like there’s no tomorrow. And 3). Turn your frown upside down. Maybe even permanently.

Does that sound like a good time, or what?

I thought you’d be into it!

So go ahead and let’s get it on!

1. Can we speak out against hunting Grinches like we do with other animals?

I’ve had just about enough of this!

2. I do this all the time, too.

Some people get annoyed by it!

3. If they only knew what you are up to…

Good luck with your evil plan!

4. You know where I’ll be waiting.

Day and night. Hot and cold. Rain and snow.

5. What exactly are you doing in there?

Avoiding the neighbors? Avoiding your family? We need to know!

6. I see you back there!

Thank you for supporting yourselves all these years.

7. These are things people need to know, apparently.

Just go with it…

8. You’re paying good money to make them laugh.

You got this all figured out!

9. You are now a top-notch business person!

The sky is the limit!

10. Why would anyone ever say that?

It just doesn’t compute!

11. Aren’t you being a little bit overdramatic?

Just take it down a notch!

Now we want you to make us laugh.

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