I don’t know what it is about power washing, but godd**n is it satisfying, or what?!?!

You can blast away grime and dirt that’s been building up on any kind of surface for years or even decades and it is downright magical!

Don’t believe me? Do yourself a favor and blast away at your driveway, house, chairs, etc. when you have some free time and I think you’ll be a changed person.

In the meantime, maybe these before and after photos of power washing greatness will inspire you to get on board.

1. Now, this is very satisfying.

All that gunk is going by the wayside.

Power washing, sanding, and oil this weekend on 20 year old teak.
byu/_brodre inpowerwashingporn

2. Now you have a brand new porch.

Look what a little bit of work can do!

Looks almost like fresh paint!
byu/mikehocksbig inpowerwashingporn

3. Not gonna be neglected anymore.

And you can take that to the bank!

16 years of neglect vs. 3200 psi pressure wash
byu/Sour_krautt inpowerwashingporn

4. Did you get a brand new tractor?

It sure looks like it…

So anyway, I started blasting
byu/LEJ45 inpowerwashingporn

5. Time to blast the pot and make it brand new.

You get an A for effort!

Gave this pot a good blasting
byu/lemmegetadab inpowerwashingporn

6. A big difference, right there!

It looks like a whole different building.

The difference between 50+ years of filth and recently powerwashed
byu/DuukPN inpowerwashingporn

7. I think this is thrilling.

Don’t you think so?

The previous owner left her power washer. After 9 months, my husband finally used it. 2020 Thrills
byu/turnipsedith inpowerwashingporn

8. Wow…I am very impressed.

And now you have a new chair.

Some hardcore porn. 18+ only!
byu/10paiak inpowerwashingporn

9. The future’s so bright…

You gotta wear shades…

I’m gonna need some sunglasses
byu/mikehocksbig inpowerwashingporn

10. You only have one more half to go.

Go on with your bad self!

Half way done with the Fire Pit!
byu/rybread1 inpowerwashingporn

11. I’m glad you gave that patio some love.

It sure needed it.

Gave our side patio some love. This was satisfying.
byu/codybowen91 inpowerwashingporn

Ahhhhhh, that felt good.

How about you?

Do you have any awesome power washing photos?

If you do, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks a lot!