There are few things in life that are as satisfying as seeing before-and-after photos of the magic of power washing.

And if you get to do that power washing yourself…you’re in for a HUGE treat. I’d even say that it’s therapeutic.

So if you’ve been a little stressed out and you want to see some very satisfying pictures that will satisfy your soul, you’re in the right place. These photos will relax your mind, calm your soul, and bring you some inner peace…at least I think they will…

Enjoy these pics and maybe they’ll encourage you to get out there and clean some of your own stuff!

1. Now this, I like!

I like it a lot!

Is this powerwashingporn enough?
byu/bert0ld0 inpowerwashingporn

2. Prove them wrong!

With your cleaning skills!

Roommates thought the sink was permanently stained. I got bored in quarantine and proved them wrong.
byu/ghostof-nothing inpowerwashingporn

3. A whole new place to relax.

Well, this sure looks cozy.

Power washed patio then built a canopy! Sorry. No vid.
byu/MrBozzie inpowerwashingporn

4. I love it!

You did a great job!

Feast your eyes, you powerwashing freaks!
byu/cmoore54 inpowerwashingporn

5. That’s a cool cityscape.

Hey, you have some serious artistic abilities.

I’ll finish washing the fence tommorrow. But untill then…
byu/NicolasCLE inpowerwashingporn

6. A fresh, new look.

We’re all here for it!

Looks almost like fresh paint!
byu/mikehocksbig inpowerwashingporn

7. That’s pretty nice looking.

Also, your mom is right.

I told my wife I was taking pictures for my friends on reddit. She said ‘They’re not your friends’
byu/bigpopcorn89 inpowerwashingporn

8. A colorful deck.

And you never even knew it was there!

Half way there
byu/nightmares999 inpowerwashingporn

9. Get rid of all that grime.

No more slipping and falling.

Now we won’t slip going down the stairs
byu/jenntenntenn inpowerwashingporn

10. A whole new world out there.

That’s a pretty nice view, don’t you think?

I didn’t even know we had multi-colored tiles.
byu/ouway1 inpowerwashingporn

11. Give that baby a bath.

It’s working hard for you!

Very dirty tractor from fall
byu/LEJ45 inpowerwashingporn

I love those! Isn’t it satisfying to see the before and after? Ahhh… it calms my OCD so much!

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Please and thank you!