At an old job of mine, I was tasked with power washing the entire front and back sidewalks of a pretty big building.

Although it was an extremely hot day in late June and the job seemed to take forever, seeing that grime and grit get blasted away from that concrete was very satisfying.

And that was the day I fell in love with power washing. Now it’s a way of life for me, if I’m being honest…

Do you feel the same way? I bet you do if you clicked on this link!

And, trust me, you’re gonna LOVE the photos you’re about to see. Let’s check them out!

1. That looks wonderful.

Hats off to a job well done!

Customers patio area that I cleaned recently!
byu/Jordibhoy inpowerwashingporn

2. Here’s a good before and after.

Years of grime, all washed away.

Before and after my first wash job.
byu/struhall inpowerwashingporn

3. Doing a good business with that thing.

Good for you! Looks like you do great work.

When I mentioned starting a pressure washing business, people laughed, shrugged it off, or claimed there is no money in it. Four years later, I’m so glad I did. Moral of the story… Don’t listen to the people who haven’t accomplished anything. Find a positive mentor and chase that dream!
byu/mikehocksbig inpowerwashingporn

4. Gonna take over the world with that power washer.

I’m with you, buddy!

Today the fence, tomorrow the world
byu/Downloadable76 inpowerwashingporn

5. That is so satisfying.

Ahhhhh, do you feel that?

I told my dad that people on reddit love this kind of stuff. He told me he’s only seen politics and porn on reddit. I don’t think this was the porn he was referring to.
byu/JarmaLarma inpowerwashingporn

6. Time to clean this place up.

Start with the bricks. You know they need it.

Just moved into a new rental and knew this would be my first thing to do
byu/haydo_ inpowerwashingporn

7. Wow. That’s pretty impressive.

Blasting it all away.

Can you tell where they stopped for the day?
byu/Kionix inpowerwashingporn

8. Outside for 30 years!

Okay, but I’m going to call BS on this. I mean… the one of the right has clearly been stained again. Come on reddit…

Power washed these Adirondack chairs that have been sitting outside for 30 years
byu/Nexion21 inpowerwashingporn

9. Here’s what 40 years of dirt looks like.

That must have felt good.

The back patio of our new house. I have on good info that it hasn’t been cleaned in around 40 years.
byu/Magical-Sweater inpowerwashingporn

10. It was worth the smell.

I’d say it was well worth it!

My clothes smelled like swampy ocean and seagull poop but that was a price I was willing to pay.
by inpowerwashingporn

11. Now you gotta do the other half.

You can’t just leave it hanging.

Power washed half the tennis court
byu/okwhateveromg inpowerwashingporn

12. That wild Texas weather.

It sure does add up.

Washed off 20 years of Texas weather this weekend
byu/kap1426 inpowerwashingporn

Now we want to hear from you!

Have you ever done a deep cleaning on something (or someone) that completely transformed it (or them)?

If so, share some before-and-after pics with us in the comments. Thanks!