Who’s ready to see some funny comments from the Internet?

Okay, now that we’ve all been counted and we can see there’s a lot of enthusiasm out there, it’s time to get started!

Enjoy, friends!

1. This guy got the shaft.

What’s up with that?!?!

2. Now I’m depressed.

But this is kind of a zinger.

3. The perfect response to a stupid comment.

You gotta love it!

4. Kids on leashes, man…

They’re everywhere…

5. He was a little disappointed by this.

Can you blame the guy?

6. This is pretty rude.

He did a good deed!

7. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

But here we are…

8. Of course Sarah Silverman said this.

What else do you expect?

9. Squirrels are always up to no good.

They strike again!

10. Seems like a bad idea.

Get out of there!

Have you seen any funny or ridiculous comments on social media lately?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!