You know how when you walk around, you’ll see flyers stapled to telephone poles or tacked up coffee shops and other stores?

Well, next time you see one, look very carefully at it to see if it might be one from a funny Instagram account called “Physical Memes.”

We think they’re hilarious!

Take a look for yourself.

1. This is gonna be intense.

Pay Per View?

2. Well, this is weird.

And kind of disturbing.

3. Lay off the foam.

It’s not good for you!

4. This guy is in charge.

No doubt about that.

5. Give him a shot.

He’s worth it!

6. You are forgiven.

What a relief!

7. Learn to be intense.

I need to do this.

8. Totally done.

He was pushed too far.

9. We need to get to the bottom of this.

This is a big deal.

10. No thank you!

But, to each their own.

2. He’s a rising phoenix.

Which one of these do you like the best?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

Thanks a lot!