22 Families With Quirks Way Weirder Than Your Own


We all knew that family growing up. You know, the one that did things just a little differently than everyone else – and I’m not talking about things like putting ketchup on meatloaf.

Take a gander at these 22 people who shared stories of weird neighbors, friends, classmates, and the like.

1. Occupied

I went to a friends house and we put some cartoons on. While we were watching I asked him a question but he didn’t respond, he was fixated on the TV, absolutely glued. His nanny just laughed and said, “Oh he’ll be like that all evening now.” So I just had to wait for my parents to pick me up whilst he unflinchingly watched TV for hours …

2. Silence is golden

I went on a road trip with a friend’s family one time. It was a 5 hour drive, and the entire time, no one spoke. It was completely silent. No music, no talking, nothing. And even though they had drank tons of liquids before getting in the car, no one had to pee during that 5 hour drive. Weirdest and most unsettling drive of my life.

3. Work the system

Encouraging their teen daughters to have kids as early and as often as possible because then they could live off welfare and child support and wouldn’t need to work.

4. Golden child

I went to elementary school with this really nice girl. She was the eldest of 4 girls, all perfectly healthy and beautiful. Kids were laughing at her because she was smelling really bad. I talk to her about it and she told me that her Mother makes her wear the same cloths for a week before washing them.

Her Mother was really busy praying to have a son. She was in the Church at 6am every morning and spend a lot of time there, always praying to have a son. Well the “miracle” happened and she had a son. That’s all they could talk about. It was like Jesus himself was reborn. It was weird.

Maybe 2-3 ago I saw her in the bus. The first thing she told me (after not seeing each other for maybe 30 years) was “Did you know I have a brother?” I was speechless…

5. Didn’t we already discuss silence being golden?

There was a family of girls I went to church with and none of them were allowed to cut their hair. They had to wait until they were sixteen so they wouldn’t get a haircut they’d regret – because the mother had. They also weren’t allowed to talk at the dinner table. One time one of the daughters was laughing at something and coughed on her food. The mom was afraid of one of them choking and dying, so talking was banned. No one told me that when I came over for dinner. I just talked and they all stared at me.

6. Leave It!

I went to this guy’s house once after school. I wasn’t friends with him, but we were assigned to a project together. We’ll call him Gary. Anyways, we were working on this project when he excused himself to use the restroom. 15 minutes later he returned. A little while later, I decided to use the restroom while he was making snacks.

I walked into the bathroom and behold! Before my eyes, floating like a manatee through the brown estuaries of Florida, was the result of Gary’s earlier bathroom excursion. I shrugged it off – I mean, we all forget at least once, right? – flushed for him, took a leak, flushed again, and went to work on the project.

Gary’s mom gets home from work a couple hours later. She nods to us and says hello politely before heading towards the back of the house. A few seconds later she returns to the kitchen where we were working and screams “WHERE IS IT?” I jump and am confused, so I shoot a “wtf” look to Gary. Gary muttered “It wasn’t me.” His mom glared at me, huffed, and walked out.

Gary later explained that every day after school he would take a dump and was required to leave it in the toilet so his mom could check it. He wasn’t even sick or anything – she just wanted to check it to make sure he was healthy or something.

I never went back to Gary’s house. We were 16/17 at the time. I failed to realize this makes it all the weirder.

7. Let’s say grace

The act itself isn’t creepy, but I was very creeped out until I realized what was happening. I was at my SO’s house, and her mom was cooking and said, “I think it’s about that time.” Immediately the entire family (mom, dad, and six siblings) started simultaneously mumbling something I couldn’t understand. After they finished and saw the look on my face, my SO said they just said grace, but everybody is in a rush to eat which is why I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I thought they were going to sacrifice me.

8. Tradition

I went on vacation with my buddy when we were kids. They weren’t religious but before ever meal they would all say the same chant about being a better person and trying your best. It was really creepy because they would all say it in the same monotone voice.

It turned out the mom was just tired of everyone eating before she got to the table so she made up the tradition.