TJ Maxx isn’t just a store, it’s a lifestyle. Not only does TJ Maxx have everything you could possibly need for your home, from clothes to appliances to enormous tins of flavored popcorn, they sell it all at ridiculously low prices. It’s one of those stores where you go there intending to buy one thing and leave with a cart full of stuff–and since you got it all at a bargain, you don’t even have to feel guilty!

Here are 15 Tweets that perfectly sum up the Maxxinista lifestyle.

1. TJ will tell you its secrets…if you’re willing to listen.

2. TJ will teach you things about yourself.

3. In our troubled times, TJ is the great unifier.

4. “You will find what you need only when you stop looking.” — The Tao Of TJ

 5. What’s better than TJ Maxx? More TJ Maxx.

6. Q: How many blankets does one person need? A: As many as TJ has.

7. “From sea to shining TJ Maxx.”

8. Maxxnesia is real, people.

9. Plus, it’s cheaper!

10. TJ brings the community together.

11. Halloween season is particularly dangerous at TJ Maxx.

12. Many have followed TJ’s siren song.

13. You can have too much of a good thing, however.

14. And, TJ’s can end friendships.

15. But in the end, TJ is always there for you.


h/t: Buzzfeed