If You’re Looking For A Cheesy Gift Over The Holidays, Then Look No Further

Sure, many of us enjoy cheese from time to time. But there are those of us for whom cheese is not just a food, but a lifestyle. If that describes you, or someone you know, here are 15 gifts to make your “all cheese all the time” dreams a reality.

1. Cheese Advent calendar

Photo Credit: Asda

2. Mac and cheese tape

Photo Credit: Amazon


3. Mac and cheese phone case

Photo Credit: Amazon


4. A pound of Pule for only $600

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The world’s most expensive cheese is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys!

5. The “Fondoodler,” a hot glue gun but for cheese

Photo Credit: Amazon

6. Nacho cheese lip balm

Photo Credit: Pinterest

7. Nacho cheese-scented candle

Photo Credit: Stinky Candle Company

8. Cheese blanket

Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Mac and cheese-shaped soap

Photo Credit: Etsy

10. A Jesus-themed cheese grater

Photo Credit: Incredible Things

11. Grilled cheese purse

Photo Credit: Etsy

12. Grilled cheese earrings

Photo Credit: Amazon

13. Mac and cheese hoodie

Photo Credit: Beloved Shirts

14. Cheese-flavored worms

Photo Credit: Larvets


h/t: Bustle and The Huffington Post