Sure, many of us enjoy cheese from time to time. But there are those of us for whom cheese is not just a food, but a lifestyle. If that describes you, or someone you know, here are 15 gifts to make your “all cheese all the time” dreams a reality.

1. Cheese Advent calendar

Photo Credit: Asda

2. Mac and cheese tape

Photo Credit: Amazon


3. Mac and cheese phone case

Photo Credit: Amazon


4. A pound of Pule for only $600

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The world’s most expensive cheese is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys!

5. The “Fondoodler,” a hot glue gun but for cheese

Photo Credit: Amazon

6. Nacho cheese lip balm

Photo Credit: Pinterest

7. Nacho cheese-scented candle

Photo Credit: Stinky Candle Company

8. Cheese blanket

Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Mac and cheese-shaped soap

Photo Credit: Etsy

10. A Jesus-themed cheese grater

Photo Credit: Incredible Things

11. Grilled cheese purse

Photo Credit: Etsy

12. Grilled cheese earrings

Photo Credit: Amazon

13. Mac and cheese hoodie

Photo Credit: Beloved Shirts

14. Cheese-flavored worms

Photo Credit: Larvets


h/t: Bustle and The Huffington Post