The whole world seems to have gone crazy right now, but at least we can all lean on art and humor in these trying times.

That’s why you need to check out “Utterly Ugly Portraits.” The artist behind these great works is Kate Trotman De Roux. She describes her work like so, “It’s a fun way to give your pictures an utterly ugly makeover.”

Be sure to follow her on Instagram and get in touch if you want to get a portrait done of your fur babies or your friends or, most importantly, YOU!

1. Look at that guy!

2. Googly eyes.

3. Run for it!–/

4. Standing tall.

5. Trio of trouble.

6. Mom, dad, and child.

7. Hello there!

8. The gang’s all here.

9. I see the resemblance…

10. I love the chicken legs.

11. A spitting image.

12. We’re a happy family.

Aren’t those great? Or horrible? Or horribly great?

The real question is this: would you like one of these of your pets or maybe just of yourself? Or possibly BOTH???

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