14 Funny Parenting Tweets That Moms and Dads Will Enjoy

(C)Unsplash,Anna Pritchard


It’s that time again! I’m talking another installment of hilarious and uproarious tweets from moms and dads about the parenting life.

We know you love your little kiddos, but sometimes you just have to take to the Twitter-verse to put them on blast when they do some ridiculous stuff.

Here are 14 very quality tweets that we think you’ll enjoy.

1. No, I’m just done with it.

2. That drives me insane.

3. Gonna make a scene.

4. What could be in there?

5. Sounds drunk to me.

6. Not for you.

7. Listen to my command.

8. The squinting game.

9. That won’t be necessary.

10. Pick your poison.

11. You little liar.

12. C-H-E-E-T-O-S.

13. The laws don’t apply here.

14. All the necessary supplies.

Parents, do those situations look familiar, or what?

Have your little monsters done anything hilarious or ridiculous lately?

Tell us about it in the comments!