If you can’t laugh, you’re gonna cry.

Have you ever heard that expression before? Sure, you have!

And I happen to think it was invented for times like these when folks make very expensive mistakes and have to just cut their losses and shake their heads.

Hey, we all make mistakes sometimes. It’s called “human error”…but I sincerely hope that you (and me) never experience the kinds of pricey fails that these folks did.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

1. Who can we blame for this one?

Okay, we’re gonna need all hands on deck.

The slide opened inside the aircraft from ThatLookedExpensive

2. I hope you have insurance.

And I hope that car owner is laid back…

Cement truck mishap from ThatLookedExpensive

3. Guys! What did you do?!?!

A major-league FAIL.

Big Oof from ThatLookedExpensive

4. The thing just tipped right over!

I didn’t touch it, I swear!

A $5,000,000 oops from WTF

5. Blame it on the hail.

I bet you didn’t see that one coming…

Renewable Energy Needs Renewing from ThatLookedExpensive

6. Doh! That’s not good.

I have a feeling that those are probably pretty expensive.

New Boeing 737 fuselages wrecked in train derailment in Montana (July 2014) from ThatLookedExpensive

7. A Malinois is a dog, FYI.

I had to look it up…now you know.

Don’t leave your malinois with your Porsche from ThatLookedExpensive

8. Oh man, that is brutal.

Sorry for your loss!

F from ThatLookedExpensive

9. Now, this is just sad.

You might want to look away…

The alcoholic in me is in tears! from ThatLookedExpensive

10. Not a good day at the lake.

What else can you say?

This guy sunk his raptor and Jeep trying to save his $300,000 boat that was sinking from ThatLookedExpensive

11. Ouch…who was driving this thing?!?!

Seems like a pretty big error…

Two carnival cruise ships colliding from ThatLookedExpensive

12. Not worth that much anymore.

This one just hurts to look at.

Aston Martin that was worth £1.5m. from ThatLookedExpensive

How about you?

Have you ever made a very costly mistake that made you cringe?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments. Thanks!