I truly believe that once you get a look at this guy’s wacky inventions, you’re gonna be hooked.

His name is Matt Benedetto and he comes up with “Inventions that solve non-existent problems.” What else could you really ask for?

Take a look at some of his most interesting inventions…we think you’re really gonna have a good time with these.

Let’s go!

1. You know you want one!

Hey, it can be hard to keep that mask up.

2. It’s perfect for when you want just want “one beer.”

If you catch his drift…

3. You need a “Never Soggy Bowl.”

Actually, we all might need this in our lives…

4. Click on the arrows to see all kinds of goodies.

This guy is good! I can’t deny that!

5. You need even more Alexa, right?

I have a feeling this might get on the nerves of some folks…

6. This actually might really come in handy.

Give it a shot, folks!

7. This one sounds very dangerous.

Don’t try this at home!

8. I’m sure people at the airport would love this!

And on the bus, the train, the grocery store…

9. You can pair it with your standing desk.

The man is a genius!

10. Reach every last ounce…

Never let any of that peanut butter go to waste ever again.

11. The cocktail hourglass.

Now you’re speaking my language!

Those are great!

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