Have you ever pondered what inventors were actually thinking about when they came up with new inventions?

It sure would be interesting to get into the minds of these men and women as they tinkered around in their labs and workshops and came up with new things that changed the world in one way or another…

And folks took to Twitter to share their thoughts about what inventors might have been thinking about as they worked their magic.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. It really doesn’t taste that great, does it?

Why does it exist?!?!

2. How else can we fix this problem?

We’ve been doing it with our hands for years now!

3. Keep the ketchup coming!

I am thankful for this invention.

4. Sure, whatever you say.

And that’s how it happened!

5. How can we make this more painful…?

Wait, I think I got it!

6. Make it nice and crispy.

And aren’t we glad about this one?

7. We salute this guy!

Love me a good stew!

8. And the rest is history…

And here we are…

9. Hey, it worked out!

Nice job!

10. Wait, what?

Oh great, now I’m depressed.

11. Don’t worry about that part.

This is historically accurate.

12. Sure, that sounds good.

I guess I never thought about that…

Hahaha. Woooo!

Now we want to hear from you.

We want you to come up with YOUR OWN funny tweet about what an inventor might have been thinking about when coming up with something new.

Do it in the comments. Let’s see what you got!