I’m so grateful for the era I got to grow up in. No cell phones, no Internet, and we ran free through the woods and through our neighborhoods until the street lights came on and it was time to go home.

But kids are kids across the board and we still have a lot in common with the kids of today, believe it or not.

Look at these funny memes and see how many of them look very familiar to your own childhood.

1. I can see the moon!

Literally my childhood from memes

2. Just keep your mouth shut.

3. Don’t touch the floor!

4. Just like Peter Parker.

Anyone relate? from marvelmemes

5. Hours of entertainment.

who also got bullied in his childhood ? from memes

6. The day is now ruined.

10 year old me from memes

7. They’ll never find me.

8. Peelin’ out.

This is so true tho from carmemes

9. Always depressing to hear that.

sad pand noises from memes

10. It was rough out there.

My childhood from memes

11. This never got old.

Childhood memories from memes

12. How did he always know?

Literal Childhood Trauma from memes

Nostalgia overload right there for this guy.

What about you? Did these memes bring back some old memories?

Share some of the funny things that you did as a kid in the comments with us!