No matter where you grew up, some things about being a kid are just universal.

Fighting with siblings, lying to your parents, causing trouble at school. You know, all the good stuff!

Here are some hilarious memes that will bring you back to the glory days.


1. Never failed.

2. Run for it!

Basement ?? from dankmemes

3. A huge accomplishment.

The middle school equivalent to pulling out Excalibur from dankmemes

4. I know I did.

Is there anyone who didn’t do that? from memes

5. A virtual palace.

Good ol’ childhood memories from memes

6. Just for the hell of it.

7. Like the Bat Signal.

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8. You’re fine!

My childhood from memes

9. A game to pass the time.

10. Made a big mess.

Like A Childhood Memory from memes

11. OH YES!

12. Like an animal.

Me_irl from me_irl

13. The struggle…

14. Thanks…I really like it.

Those memes sure did bring back some good (and funny) memories.

What about you?

Did they jog your memory a little bit?

Talk to us in the comments!