Russian culture really fascinates me.

The books, the films, the people, etc. It’s a very interesting country that many people in the West have little or no knowledge of. And what knowledge they do have in Russia is usually from a very Western perspective about corruption in their society and politics.

A photographer named Aleksandr Petrosyan takes snapshots of regular, everyday Russians that tell us a lot about the country from the ground level.

Let’s take a look at some of Petrosyan’s work to get a glimpse at this very interesting country. Enjoy.

1. Enjoying the park.

All kinds of daily life snapshots here.

2. Let me play you a song.

These two look like they get along just fine.

3. A very stern officer.

He means business.

4. Looks like Rasputin.

I’m sure he’s heard that before…

5. Taking it all in.

That’s a nice view.

6. Now THAT looks very Russian to me.

Endless apartment buildings.

7. Photobombed by a street cat.

I don’t think the photographer minded this one.

8. Care to play a game?

You better know what you’re doing.

9. Looks like it’s from another century.

Plowing through the snow.

10. The mud and the snow.

It never ends in the Russian winter.

11. As the sun sets.

A man takes a brisk walk.

12. Be careful on that ice.

Wonderful colors in this photo.

13. Black and white.

The architecture is beautiful.

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