Have you ever been to Russia?

Or maybe you’ve been to other parts of Eastern Europe?

I went for ten days there in 2003 and it was a fascinating experience. Standing in Red Square, walking the large boulevards of Saint Petersburg, going to a hockey game in Moscow: it was the trip of a lifetime to a country that I’m pretty sure I’ll never make it back to again.

But I realize that my experience was very unique and that the majority of Americans will never set foot in that country or even really ever learn much about it besides what they see on the news.

A photographer from Saint Petersburg named Aleksandr Petrosyan captures everyday life on the streets of Russia and his snapshots

1. You can feel the history.

This is Saint Petersburg.


2. The faces of the people.

They are very unique.


3. Add some color to your day.

Amidst all the gray.


4. A man and his dog.

Some things are universal all over the planet.


5. He’s not having a great time.

But it looks like everyone else is.


6. I love that car.

A throwback to the Soviet era.


7. Down into the Metro.

Under a blazing sky.


8. Characters on the subway.

The dog looks very wise…


9. Need a ride?

Crisscrossing the city, no doubt.


10. Enjoy the water.

Looks like a lot of fun.


11. You have to be brave to do this over there.

That is probably not encouraged…


12. I love this shot!

Take a load off in an ice bath.


Have you ever been to Russia?

How did it go?

What were your experiences like there?

Talk to us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!