The “Gripping Food With Force” Account Will Help You Relieve Some Stress


Do you need a little stress relief in your life?

I know I do!

A Twitter page called Gripping Food With Force bills itself as the “Worst account on Twitter”, but I think that is far from the truth, my friends.

In fact, I find it to be quite delightful! The point of the page is simple: it features people squeezing and ultimately destroying perfectly fine food in order to relieve the overwhelming stress in their lives.

You can relate, right? Once you accept that these foods need to be destroyed in order for these folks to blow off some stream, you’ll get on board. Trust me on this one, okay?

Let’s take a look at these pics…and let’s try to calm down a little bit…

1. Ahhhh, that’s better.

Go wash your hands, though!

2. There goes the Quarter Pounder.

Now I’m depressed again…

3. A perfectly fine donut…


4. Oh, no!

Made quite a mess.

5. Take that, cake!

You might regret this later.

6. A Frosty no more…

So long, old friend.

7. This mad me sad.

That wasn’t supposed to happen!

8. Making a HUGE mess.

Do you really think this is appropriate?

9. Might as well give it to the dog after that.

He’s waiting…

10. Shredded cheese.

Did this relieve your anger?

11. Not the Totino’s!

Now I’m getting a little bit concerned.

12. Wait a second…

Is that for real?!?!

Ahhhh, that’s better.

How do you relieve your stress?

Exercise? Meditation? Squeezing fruits and vegetables until they explode?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!