Like every social media network, LinkedIn can be filled with a lot of weird and ridiculous stuff.

And now we have the proof! A hilarious Twitter account called Crap on LinkedIn collects all the absurd things that people have the nerve to post on that website that is supposed to be used in a professional manner. But you know how people are…

Are these people clueless, crazy, or just insane? Who knows?!?!

But, we should all be very appreciative of the people behind this Twitter account because it provides a lot of comic relief, I’ll tell you that much.

1. Why is this on LinkedIn?

Can anyone explain this to me?

2. I’ve been everywhere, man.

It’s kind of like that Johnny Cash song.

3. Now I’m confused.

What are you trying to do here, sir?

4. A lot of elements missing.

You might need to hire an editor.

5. I see what you’re trying to do…

But it’s still kind of perplexing.

6. That’s kind of a long time to wait.

Keep waiting…keep waiting…

7. Just a piece of paper.

Words of wisdom, right here.

8. Hmmm. Okay…

MAN AGE MEN T. Got it?

9. Sounds like a great opportunity.

For what? I’m not sure yet…

10. Pat yourself on the back.

A raise might be nice, though…

11. This is just strange.

I’m dazed and confused over this one.

12. Are you gonna double tap on this?

Seems like a risky way to put yourself out there.

13. This guy is the TOTAL PACKAGE.

Stay out of his way!

14. Is it really worth more than cold, hard cash?

What do YOU think?

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