If you’ve been paying attention to Twitter the past few years, you know that Wendy’s is really, really funny on Twitter.

And a lot of that humor comes at the expense of other restaurants, companies, and people.

And Wendy’s was back at it again for National Roast Day.

Let’s see how it all played out…

1. It took you long enough!

At least he has a good sense of humor about it…you idiot!

2. She looks very intense, if I do say so…

Don’t mess with her…

3. You asked for it, Bagel Bites.

See what you did?!?!

4. I never really understood Swedish Fish.

It’s a total mystery!

5. Hahahaha. This one is good.

Twisted Tea, you may now hang your head.

6. Really classin’ it up with Groupon.

Oh, boy, this didn’t go well.

7. You’re not verified and we all know it!

How’d they pull this one off?

8. Does your steak taste like rubber?

That Bloomin’ Onion, though…

9. You nailed it!

Do you like Wheat Thins? Does anyone like Wheat Thins? Be honest.

10. I wholeheartedly agree.

But it has its moments.

11. I guess this beer will do…

Actually, do you have any Hamms? Coors?

12. To Hell with jam bands!

Sorry, I had to come out and say it.

Okay, now you have to make us laugh…whether you like it or not.

Have you seen any really funny roasts on social media lately?

Like people, places, businesses, or anything else?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We look forward to it!