Oh, boy, do I need to blow off some steam right about now!

I have all this pent-up energy inside of me and I’m about to explode!

You know what I’m saying?!?!

I think you do, because you clicked on this link, brothers and sisters!

So what do you say we laugh at these hysterical tweets and in the process of that laughter, we’ll blow off the necessary steam to calm us down again.


Okay, let’s go!

1. This child is out of control.

And you should be scared…

2. I think you’re right about this one.

Those years didn’t age very well, did they?

3. Just stop saying that!

We’ve all had enough!

4. Seriously, how about a yo-yo or something…?

Or some other kind of toy?

5. He has all he needs.

This will never change, by the way.

6. We need that, at least!

You know you love it!

7. Why is online class so terrible?

It just is!

8. That didn’t go very well.

Let’s try that again tomorrow.

9. I think I would be scared, frankly.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

10. You’re right about this!

It is exciting!

11. Whatever you need, I can do it.

Go ahead, start listing items!

12. This is really great advice.

Actually, no it’s not. Never mind…

Now we’d like to see what you have up your sleeves.

In the comments, share some hilarious stuff that you’ve seen on social media lately that made you laugh.

We want funny tweets, memes, jokes, photos, etc.

Let’s see who can make us laugh the hardest! Start now!