Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

You know it, people!

And today we’re gonna dive into some awesome solutions to problems big and small that some real geniuses came up with.

Are you to have your mind blown?

Well, go ahead, hang on tight, and dive in!

1. Well-behaved kids will get you a discount.

I bet this would keep more parents in line, don’t you?

This restaurant gives you a discount if you have well behaved kids from mildlyinteresting

2. This is a great idea.

Let’s all help each other out, okay?

In Norway you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles/cans. They’re often collected by poor people, homeless etc. A lot of our trash cans has these holders around them so people don’t have to search through the trash to collect them from HumansBeingBros

3. Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of places probably need.

And we hope it helps a lot of people out.

4. We need these in the U.S., don’t you think?

You better believe it, people! Cut down on waste!

Refillable detergent in Prague, Czech. from mildlyinteresting

5. I’d love to have one of these.

No more breaking your back looking into the fridge.

Our refrigerator has revolving levels so you can reach everything easily from mildlyinteresting

6. Throw all those thieves out there off their game.

What a cool idea!

This keypad randomizes the numbers every time so someone doesn’t figure out the password from your hand movements from mildlyinteresting

7. More museums need to implement this kind of thing.

A very cool concept.

This museum in Berlin has ‘touchable’ versions of their paintings for blind people from mildlyinteresting

8. For when you have your hands full.

Which is almost all the time.

This elevator at my university has feet buttons from mildlyinteresting

9. Let’s catch a little bit of shade.

This is so cool!

They put rails under the benches in this park so you can always be in the shadow. from mildlyinteresting

10. For those dreary, snowy days.

You light up my life!

Crosswalk projected on a dirty winter road from mildlyinteresting

11. How many times have you needed this?

Probably a lot, right?

A suitcase that can measure its own weight from mildlyinteresting

12. Who wants to steal flour?

Read the fine print! Joke’s on you!

This box pretending to contain boring flour so that it doesn’t get stolen. from mildlyinteresting

Have you seen any cool solutions to problems lately?

Or maybe you’ve come up with some of your own?

Please share them with us in the comments. And some pics, too!

Thanks a million!