We’re friends, right?

I feel like we’ve been doing this long enough with each other that we can be honest.

And I have to level with you: these tweets are EXCELLENT.

They’re funny, witty, and I might even go so far as to call them truly magical. Yes, I went there. Because I mean it, FRIEND.

Enjoy these funny tweets! And, now that we’ve made our friendship official, do you think I can borrow $20? I’ll pay you back very, very soon…

1. There’s a standard for that.

You weren’t aware of this?

2. Well, I’m here…what now?

Have fun down there!

3. This doesn’t feel like a victory.

Time to move on to Zima.

4. They ruined it for all of us.

Gee, thanks a lot…

5. You can never go back to that office ever again.

You realize that, don’t you?

6. This could be the beginning of an awesome revenge movie.

He’s back for vengeance!

7. That really is very helpful.

Oh good, we can leave now!

8. Yeah, me too…

Let’s get this thing over with.

9. Ouch. This one hurts.

Blanche, you forgot to pay the electric bill again!

10. They are all together in Heaven.

And they’re still all stained with spaghetti.

11. That really isn’t cool!

But…how did they know…?

Have you seen any tweets lately that you really loved? Ones that really made you laugh your *ss off?

Well, don’t keep them all to yourself!

Share them with us in the comments.

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Thanks in advance!