When we say these tweets are killer, we’re really not trying to scare you.

We actually just want to let you know how cool and funny they are!

We’re trying to be hip like the kids out there, so we thought using that term would impress you.

Did it work…?

I knew it would!

Dig into these killer tweets, brah…and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

1. I always knew there was something off about him.

And now we have the proof, don’t we…?

2. I wish this would happen with my phone.

And don’t call me Shirley!

3. Time to move along, partner.

Your coworker seems like a blast!

4. Thank God for guinea pigs.

What would we do without them?!?!

5. I see what you did there!

Good one!

6. Load up the white sauce.

This guy is obviously much classier than the rest of us.

7. I think you misunderstood him.

That really didn’t end well…

8. Gee, thanks Dad!

Seems to be a lot of this going around…

9. Not a pretty picture.

Hey, at least you’re getting some action.

10. I bet that impressed her.

I’m gonna have to start using this one.

11. I’m all for this idea!

And it can’t be the same book 12 times!

12. I’m looking forward to doing this over the summer.

It’s good exercise!

Now it’s your turn, amigos.

In the comments, please share some tweets you’ve enjoyed lately that you think would be right up our alley.

Or some memes, photos, or jokes!

We thank you in advance for your contributions!