Look into your heart. You know them to be true…

1. Plus, it’s an excuse to skip the gym.

Photo Credit: Twitter:@HoJoLego

2. Worth it.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @__Grav

3. Spatulas are always scheming.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @xoShaaan

4. “Better slow down at this green light just to be safe…”

5. “Trust me, I’m a professional.”

6. We’ve all flown too close to the sun.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @kica333

7. Best security system ever invented.

8. Welp, I guess my life is over.

9. If you believe anyone who says this… shame on you.

10. It was just getting good!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @xforcades2

11. You know you know the feeling.

12. Makes total sense.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @kylllle

13. This could be an Olympic event.

Photo Credit: me.me

14. Why. Won’t. You. Budge.

Photo Credit: meme.xyz

15. “Well, you know, it’s, ummmm…”

Photo Credit: Twitter: @xforcades2

h/t: BuzzFeed