Potatoes were put on this Earth for us to enjoy. That’s how we know our Creator loves us. Maybe you’re the sort of person who doesn’t consider a meal a meal unless it includes at least three servings of starchy potato goodness. Great. Or maybe you’re the sort of person whose ultimate fantasy is to cover yourself in warm, buttery mashed potatoes. Even better.

But if those two scenarios still don’t go far enough for you, here’s something even better: a giant potato you can spend the night in.

This spud’s for you…

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is an Air B&B in Idaho, naturally–it’s located in a 400 acre field in South Boise, near the Owyhee Mountains. It weighs six tons, but it’s not a real potato, unfortunately. The largest potato ever grown only weighed about eight pounds, not nearly big enough to accommodate a sleeping human.

The entire structure is 336 sq. ft. According to the Idaho Statesman, it has a queen-size bed, two easy chairs, an elk antler chandelier, temperature control, a fireplace, and a sink. Yes, there is a bathroom, but it’s located in a separate metal silo nearby.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel didn’t start out as an Air B&B. It was first built by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote the beloved tuber. The Big Potato toured the country for six years. In its time it was used to store supplies, t-shirts, and “Spuddy Buddy” stuffed animals.

Eventually, the Commission replaced the Big Potato with a newer design, and it was going to be retired and put on display at the Idaho Potato Museum. But then local developer Kristie Wolfe had a better idea–turn it into a hotel.

Wolfe specializes in “small home” development, and lives in a tiny house herself. “I am a proud Idaho woman who is passionate about living simply,” she wrote on her Airbnb profile. “I hand-built a tiny 97 square-foot home out of sustainable materials several years ago and still live there today.”

Wolfe is also an ambassador with the Idaho Potato Commission. She spent two years on the road with the Big Potato, but she always always saw its potential. “It was always in my game plan,” she told the Idaho Statesman. “I had the perfect lot, and some day I was going to get that potato and turn it into something cool.”

Renting the giant tater costs $200 a night, plus $42 in fees, but you’ll have to wait a few months to make a reservation. It’s currently booked through May, and only a few June dates are still available.

In the meantime, if all you want is to stay in a hotel shaped like a food item, you could instead book a room at the Chocolate Cottage in France–that’s right, it’s made almost entirely out of chocolate.

Photo Credit: Booking.com

And then, you could make it a digestive system-themed vacation and stay in this giant anus in Belgium.

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h/t: Insider