In July of 2009, Mike submitted this picture to Awkward Family Photos, and it became an instant classic worthy of the AFP Hall of Fame.

Years later, Mike reached back out to AFP with some sad news:

“Wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that our famous Grandma passed away this past weekend. She loved the picture and the fact that her family was published in the book. I know the picture became a favorite around AFP as well.”

It sure did become a favorite.

We were sorry to hear about her passing, but glad to know that she enjoyed the photos as much as everyone else seemed to.

Mike also had some other updates on the photo to share that might make you smile:

“Over the past couple years as we’ve gathered as a family, we’ve actually had a couple of opportunities to recreate the photo.”

“It’s become quite the inside joke in our family.

I’ve attached a few more pictures plus a picture from the last time we were all together this past July (so you know that we really did love and cherish Grandma!).”

“In addition to the six knee-shelf children she had 14 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren. She left quite a legacy for us all”

She sure did. Thanks, Mike, for sharing Grandma and the rest of the family with us, along with this great story.

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