How many pairs of shoes do you own?

This guy probably has you beat:

But we don’t really know, because we have no idea who he is or why he has all these snaps of himself in all of these shoes.

So, while we assume he has exponentially more shoes than what we can see in the photos that Sad and Useless claims that he sent to them:

We really have no way of verifying this unless we speak with the man himself:

Until then, all we can do is admire:

If any of you have any leads, let us know in the comments:

We’d love to get the story behind these photos:

We have so many questions:

Why so many shoes?

He seems to have a sense of humor, but he also seems sincere.

Why the grill?

We may never know, and if all we ever have are these mysterious and amazing pics, then I suppose that’ll have to do.

But wouldn’t it be a lot cooler if we knew why he shot a pic in gladiators in a Superstore parking lot?

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