If you suffer from high self-esteem, there’s no better remedy than looking up financial advice for people in your age group. No matter how well you’re doing, you’ll be convinced that you’re headed for a retirement of eating nothing but cat food.

But this week, a particular piece of financial advice caught everyone’s attention. MarketWatch ran a column called “Money Milestones: This Is How Your Finances Should Look In Your 30s,” which, among other things, claimed that by 35 we should all have double one year’s salary saved, or else it’s Fancy Feast 24/7.

That might have been attainable for past generations, but most people felt it was unrealistic for millennials. The average millennial starts their working life with $37,000 in college debt. Then there’s the fact that millennials’ salaries are 20% lower than what their baby boomer forebears made. And on top of that, every year it gets more and more expensive to be alive.

So when millennials heard that “two times your yearly salary” savings rule, they knew it was B.S. And they responded by sharing some more realistic life goals for age 35. “By Age 35” jokes went viral as people found humor in their increasingly dire future prospects.

If you’re headed towards 35 and dreading retirement, or if you’re someone who just struggles with money, these tweets will definitely cheer you up. And if they don’t, I’ve got a mean recipe for Purina a la King you simply must try.

1. Fixed that for you, Money Watch.

Photo Credit: @KELLYWEILL

2. Friendships age like fine wine that you never get to drink.

Photo Credit: @trukelayser

3. Financial security isn’t just about saving. It’s also about investing.

Photo Credit: @SamSykesSwears

4. Never stop learning. Or at least never stop saying you’ll learn about stuff.

Photo Credit: @Chemjobber

5. Technology can offer new ways to waste money.

Photo Credit: @ericallenhatch

6. Make sure you diversity that portfolio!

Photo Credit: @paulisci

7. What’s the real meaning of life? Accumulating megabytes.

Photo Credit: @akerfoot

8. A grown-ass adult needs a grown-ass bedroom.

Photo Credit: @moron_online

9. Social media is a great way to stay in touch. (With today’s most popular memes.)

Photo Credit: @ericallenhatch

10. Know your limitations, and accept them.

Photo Credit: @epicciuto

11. Bag-ception!

Photo Credit: @peakysblinder

13. Whatever you do, do NOT compare yourself to famous people.

Photo Credit: @tommcfarlin

14. When you feel like a failure, remember everyone feels like a failure.

Photo Credit: @Ranger_Up

15. I’m never going to be an adult, am I?

Photo Credit: @JonBaker


h/t: College Humor