A question for all the parents out there: are your kids obsessed with Frozen and has it completely overtaken your life, day in and day out?

It sure seems that way for a lot of folks, because kids are pretty wrapped up in this Disney film and its sequel.

It certainly seems to be the case for these parents…

1. It’s true.

2. Do what you gotta do.

3. Totally brainwashed.

4. It’s part of her DNA now.

5. You’ll never forget…

6. No more!

7. I won’t forget about this!

8. Just don’t go there.

9. Very creative.

10. Is it expensive?

11. A three-time winner.

12. Not the time or the place.

13. No winners here.

14. Sounds reasonable.


15. Living a movie…

Now that Frozen 2 is playing in theaters, has the obsession from your kids become even more intense?

Let us know in the comments!