Here Are Some Great Cat Posts to Make You Smile



Are you ready to see some cute/funny/mischievous kitty cats! I know I am!

Well, what are you waiting for?!?!

Go ahead and get started!

1. Move along.

I guess this is her chair now from aww

2. I’ll be two shelves below the soy sauce.

Everytime we open the fridge, he does this and I don’t know why. from aww

3. This is amazing.

4. Fell for it!

Outsmarted her this time. Muahaha. from cats

5. No more of that.

6. He doesn’t give a sh*t.

Something tells me Reinhardt is not impressed.. from cats

7. The Thinker.

Watson deep in contemplation. from cats

8. Hahahaha. Yes!

9. All month long.

10. Straight up chillin’.

Levi just needs a beer and a remote from cats

11. All snuggled up.

12. A new way to do it.

13. Looks comfy.

My 2 adopted (non-related) kitties really like each other. from aww

14. Better be careful.

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