15 Brutally Honest (And Funny) Tweets from Parents



Moms and dads: we understand that you love your children unconditionally, but we also realize that some days feel like never-ending journeys to the bottomless pits of Hell because you’re about to lose your minds.

We’re here for you!

These tweets will make you forget about your woes for a bit and will provide you with some much-needed laughs.

You may begin!

1. All four sound wonderful.

2. Try that one out.

3. Don’t bother…

4. Great choice.

5. That’s very good.

6. You never know what you’re gonna get.

7. She already figured that out.

8. Winning!


10. What’s the Google?

11. I’d like to know…

12. Might be a while.

13. Ice cold.

14. Bullshit!

15. Good effort!

To all the parents out there…how are you holding up…?

Come on, be honest with us…