I’m a true crime fanatic. I eat up all the TV shows, podcasts, and documentaries out there that revolve around the sick and twisted crime tales that people (myself included) can’t seem to get enough of.

Well, here’s some good news: a new season of the beloved show Forensic Files is coming to your television screen very soon!

To tide you over, here are some tweets about that great show.

1. That’s pretty creepy.

2. Ahhhh, sweet relief.


3. This is amazing.

4. You’ll be on the next episode.

5. The man is a legend.


6. You blew it.

7. But then…

8. Works for me!

9. Yes, yes I am.

10. That is definitely part of the fun.


I can’t wait for the new Forensic Files that will start airing in February 2020!

Are you a true crime nut?

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