Once again, we’re here with another roundup of hilarious tweets from the women of Twitter.

Why? Well, it’s simple: the ladies keep supplying us with the funnies over and over and over again.

Here’s another fresh batch for ya!

1. The Spice Yodas.

2. Nothing wrong with that.

3. Heart black as night.

4. You get sucked in.

5. Please leave now.

6. That’s a good resolution for 2020.

7. I’m over here!

8. I know this story.

9. Why are you doing this?

10. You might be the only one.

11. No one knows how to spell it.

12. This sounds familiar…

13. The real complainers.

14. That’s a great point.

15. Absolutely true.

As I’ve said many times before, the ladies of Twitter always deliver with the humor!

Do you have any hilarious women that you follow on social media?

Well, don’t be shy! Tell us about them in the comments!